Brexit Readiness Programme and ‘no deal’ webinars

02 August 2019 #Uncategorised

SMMT continues to run its Brexit Readiness Programme, where you can access expert advice on how best to mitigate the business risks associated with ‘no deal’.

We have collaborated with a range of consultancies and legal firms who are offering advice and guidance to SMMT members, often at a discounted rate. Our partners offer advice on 11 topics ranging from tax to contracts and customs to intellectual property.

This advice includes articles highlighting the impact of ‘no deal’ and one-to-one discussions that allow you to get bespoke advice that takes into account the unique circumstances of your business.

We also continue to run an extensive webinar programme, through which we provide the latest news and analysis of the negotiations, as well as expert advice on specific business issues related to a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Our programme of webinars will resume in September and will cover:

Negotiations Update – 4 September, 10am

‘No deal’, Trade and Tariffs – 11 September, 10am

‘No deal’ and Customs – 17 September, 2pm

‘No deal’ and Regulation – 24 September, 10am

‘No deal’ and Immigration – 3 October, 1pm

Negotiations Update – 10 October, 10am

Click on the links above to register for the webinars. Should you wish to make use of the readiness programme or listen to previous webinars, go to smmt.co.uk/member-services/brexit-readiness-programme/.

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