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Vauxhall launches new camera safety system

21 August 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Van

Vauxhall has announced a new camera system for its Combo Cargo to further improve its safe operating credentials.

The Surround Rear Vision camera system is particularly beneficial n dense urban traffic as it provides all-round visibility.

This makes manoeuvring the van safer for both driver and other road users.

Crucially the system offers greatly improved visibility on the passenger side, reducing blind spots and minimising the chances of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists when turning left.

The first camera is mounted above the rear doors, overlooking the area behind the vehicle. When reversing and parking, its display is shown on a dedicated five-inch screen. The driver can also switch between a close and a wider rear view. The wider rear view can also be shown when driving forwards, displaying a distance of four to over 30 metres behind the Combo Cargo.

The second camera is located under the passenger-side mirror of the Combo Cargo and shows the passenger view towards the rear. By switching to the display via the touchscreen, the driver can see whether cyclists or pedestrians are in what would normally be the blind spot. This allows the driver to safely turn left or the side of the vehicle is clear, preventing a potential accident.

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