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Eight in ten US truck drivers experience back pain

25 September 2019 #CV Show #News #TNB News #Tractor #Truck

A study in the US has found that more than eight out of 10 truck drivers suffer pain, mostly in their backs and necks.

According to the study, conducted on behalf of Volvo Trucks’ North American arm, the problem can sometimes be so bad drivers consider quitting their jobs.

It found that 80% of professional drivers say they experience pain in their backs, necks and arms due to the long hours behind the wheel, bad road conditions and vibrations in the trucks’ steering.

Still driving despite the pain, the majority try to exercise regularly and see a doctor for their problems, but four out of 10 question if they are able to continue working as truck drivers.

Expert chiropractor, Dr. Beau Hightower, said, “These professional drivers are pushing their bodies to the limit. Over time they can develop serious muscular imbalances which creates bone problems. They can have nerve issues where they start to lose the feeling in their hands, and headaches could start showing up. It’s very important that we get these people, who are the backbone of our economy, the care and improved driving technology they need.”

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