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Used van prices on the up, report highlights

05 September 2019 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #News #TNB News

Used van prices are on the rise, according to vehicle remarketing and auction company Aston Barclay.

The company recorded an 11.3 percent jump in the price of the average used van in the 12 months to the end of June 2019 to £4,616.

Meantime, over the same period, double cab pick-up prices increased by 18.9% to £9,205.

The figures were included in the company’s market insights report and equate to a £469 increase in the price of the average van and £1,736 in the price of the average double-cab pick-up.

Overall, year-on-year average used van mileages rose from 89,113 miles in Q2 2018 to 91,591 in Q2 2019, while average age fell from 76.9 months to 65.4 months over the same period.

Double cab pick-up mileages meanwhile were down to an average of 76,442 with age falling to70.5 months.

Geoff Flood, Aston Barclay’s commercial vehicle sales manager, said, “We have seen a change in the profile of stock coming into the auction over recent months. Used vans are generally younger and with fewer miles on the clock which may signal a change in fleet replacement cycles as well as vehicles travelling fewer miles. Double cab pick-ups are workhorses and recreational vehicles and have a strong following in the used market. Corporate users are replacing these vehicles more often, probably because new prices and deals are very keen and residuals are strong.”

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