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DAF adds further EV to its line-up

27 November 2019 #News #TNB News #Truck

DAF has introduced its first CF Electric truck with a 6×2 rigid chassis.

Ideal for refuse collection, the first examples of the new model will be field-tested in the Netherlands later this year by the Dutch public waste disposal firms HVC and ROVA.

The city of Rotterdam and Cure will follow suit early in 2020 with a fully electric 6×2 garbage truck fitted with a loader crane.

All of these vehicles are equipped with a VDL E-Power driveline. The fully electric superstructure is supplied by VDL Translift.

DAF has been trialling its CF Electric models in 4×2 guise with various Dutch operators since the end of 2018, testing how the models perform in real-world conditions.


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