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Hyundai completes truck platooning trial

20 November 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Truck

Hyundai has successfully completed its first truck platooning trial.

The trial on South Korea’s Yeoju Smart Highway – a 7km testbed for the development of autonomous driving technology – involved two Xcient trucks and trailers.

Yeoju Smart Highway is constantly populated by vehicles and is designed to replicate real-world conditions.

During its trial, Hyundai successfully demonstrated not only platooning, cut-in/out by other vehicles, simultaneous emergency braking, and V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communication tech. The speed limit was set at 60km/h to ensure safety.

Jihan Ryu, head of Hyundai Motor’s Commercial Vehicle Electronics Control Engineering Group, said, “We are confident that our industry-leading autonomous driving technology in commercial vehicles showcased in this platooning truck demonstration will lead into a revolutionary paradigm shift in the freight and logistics industry.

“We will strive to create constructive synergy by sharing our knowhow and experiences of developing autonomous driving technology between commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle sectors to expedite level-5 autonomous driving technology.”

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