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Amazon continues its environmental focus

15 January 2020 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Uncategorised

Amazon has installed 60 charging stations to support the operation of a new fleet of StreetScooter WORK Box electric vans operating out of its depot in Munich.

The company has taken delivery of 40 of the German-built vans as it continues to focus on environmental improvements across the board.

Adam Elman, Senior Lead Sustainability, Amazon Europe, said, “Amazon is committed to achieving the Paris agreement targets 10 years ahead of schedule – in 2040 instead of 2050 – so we are collaborating with a number of different partners developing new technologies and helping promote a carbon-neutral economy.

Amazon E-Scooter und E-Vito E-Cars
Foto: Marcus Schlaf. 10.12.2019

“We look forward to working with StreetScooter and using their expertise to add additional electric vehicles and charging stations to our network and achieve carbon-neutral delivery operations.”

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