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Government unveils plan to open up bus data

08 January 2020 #Bus and Coach #News #TNB News

A pioneering project to collate and share bus location data across England will soon see passengers able to plan their journeys with to-the-minute accuracy.

Announced by Buses Minister Baroness Vere, the project will see the standardisation and publication of information by all operators, enabling bus users to plan routes, estimate journey times and understand costs in advance.

The project will also see operators provide real-time bus location data so passengers can travel with confidence.

A project timetable set out by Baroness Vere suggests information on routes and timetables will be available from early 2020, followed by location and fares data by 2021.

Developers will be able to add the information into existing apps or develop new products to improve connectivity for communities and encourage more people turn to public transport.

Buses Minister, Baroness Vere, said, “By harnessing the transforming power of data and technology we could be on the threshold of a golden age for buses. Sharing data on routes, bus locations and fares will give passengers even more confidence to ride.”

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