CV sector calls for ambitious deal, as negotiations set to begin

27 February 2020 #Uncategorised

Today we published manufacturing figures for CVs, down -10.7% for January 2020. The numbers are however all relative: the decrease follows a remarkably buoyant January 2019, a seven-year high for the start of the year. As many of you know, this fluctuation is not a novel idea for our industry – variable fleet buying patterns and model changeovers have a big effect on the commercial vehicle market.

The UK government is also about to begin negotiations with the European Union. With both mandates now published, negotiations for an ambitious FTA must now begin in earnest. The majority of UK-built commercial vehicles are shipped to the EU, so a UK-EU deal that puts automotive at its centre is crucial to sustaining demand from our key export market.

The UK’s commercial vehicle sector is a key driver of economic prosperity, and to keep production lines rolling we need the right conditions that give operators the confidence to invest in their fleets. The SMMT will continue to work closely with government and our European partners to achieve this.

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