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DAF begins Dutch hybrid trial

11 March 2020 #CV Sector #TNB News #Truck

DAF Trucks has started field testing its CF Hybrid, a truck which uses100% electric power in urban areas and clean diesel technology out of town.

The trial involves Dutch transport operator Peter Appel operating two of the models to supply supermarkets in the heart of the Netherlands.

It will explore how the truck performs in daily, real-world operations.

The DAF CF Hybrid is powered by an efficient 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 diesel engine (330 kW/450 hp) and ZF electric motor (75 kW/100 hp, peak power: 130 kW/175 hp), coupled with a special ZF TraXon gearbox for hybrid powertrains.

The electric motor gets its energy from a 85 kWh battery pack, which recharges when the diesel engine is being used. During diesel operation the electric motor functions as a generator and delivers energy to the battery pack. In the future it will also be possible to charge the battery at a (fast) charging station.

When the battery is fully charged, the DAF CF Hybrid –– has an electric range of 30 to 50 kilometres, depending on the total weight of the truck-trailer combination, which is more than enough to drive into and out of urban areas without producing any tailpipe emissions.

Ron Borsboom, Executive Director of Product Development at DAF. Said, “With a cleaner future in mind, for DAF there is no one single technological solution for the broad spectrum of transport requirements.

“That’s why we are testing different technologies. Fully electric is a good alternative for urban distribution, clean diesel technology an excellent option for longer distances – partly due to new types of fuel – and for the long term we are having a closer look at hydrogen as well. With the field test of the CF Hybrid, we want to assess not only its electric/diesel technology performance but also how suitable it is in terms of daily use by our clients.”


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