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19 March 2020 #Uncategorised

Tell us a bit about your business? When were you founded, where are you based and how many people do you employ?

Labcraft is a family owned UK designer and manufacturer of low voltage LED lights based in Saffron Walden, Essex.  Established in 1956, Labcraft has a World-wide reputation for innovative, high performance LED products for the commercial and emergency vehicle sectors.

All aspects of technical and product design are carried out in-house, with 100% of Labcraft LED products manufactured in our own factory.  With a team of 42 people across all departments, we also have a strong environmental ethos running through the whole business, reinforcing the manufacture of LED lighting.

What does the business do?

Labcraft design and manufacture LED lighting for the emergency and commercial vehicle markets, including interior and exterior lighting for vans, trucks and trailers.  Our low voltage LED lighting products are also used in many other applications such as commercial, industrial, marine and leisure.

As the manufacturer, we have total management over component specifications, the manufacture process and the end-product, which gives us tight control over quality and consistency of supply to our customers.

How is business? What’s the outlook for the year ahead?

Business has been very good with successive years of growth in Sales, and also growing product ranges and staff numbers. We have seen sales growth not only in the UK but in Europe and on a World-wide basis, and we are now supplying into more countries than ever before.

The outlook for the year ahead is currently still very positive after a great start to the Year, although we are cautious of the potential, and yet unknown, impact of Covid-19.

What are the big issues or technological advances that fill you with positivity?

Labcraft has been using Cree LED devices in all products for over 10 years and therefore have formed an established relationship with Cree.  This allows us access to the latest updates regarding the advances in LED technology and enables us to continue offering our customers the best value for money in terms of light v cost.  This, together with Labcraft’s technical expertise, ensures that all products are thermally well managed and built for longevity.

Labcraft Technical Director,  Jamie Pettit

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