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Lightfoot stamps its mark on fleet performance

09 April 2020 #TNB News #Van

A leading office supplies supplier has lowered its emissions by 13%, while lowering instances of dangerous driving and increasing MPG with the help of Lightfoot.

Bates Office Services chose Lightfoot’s driver rewards platform and in-cab driver guidance technology for its fleet of 60 vans, which together travel up to two million miles per year.

The company is now seeing fuel savings of between £6,000-£7,000 each month while accidents have fallen from 15 over twelve months to just one in five months.

Ben Hensby, Operations Director for Bates Office Services, said, “Now that all our drivers have Lightfoot, we see a great deal of competition, especially with the in-house leagues that we use. I separate the leagues between departments. I also separate leagues between locations and so we get a lot of competition between our offices in Wales, Crewe and Strood; healthy competition, which makes the fleet self-managing.

“The biggest appeal for us is Lightfoot’s ease of use. It’s easy to get clear data from it and it provides an absolutely crystal-clear picture, as opposed to what you might perceive. Even the drivers that you thought were good have opportunities to improve and now, given the rewards app, they have the incentive to be better too.”

He added, “Our fuel bill is one of the top four or five lines in our profit and loss, so to cut that by 13% each month has made a huge difference to the business.“

Martin Kadhim, Lightfoot Partnerships Director commented: “It’s great to see that Lightfoot has had such as positive impact on Bates Office Services’ drivers. The in-cab assistance and verbal feedback from the pocket-sized dashboard device – including end of journey scores – has profoundly change the way the Bates fleet is driven.

“As a result, drivers want to be better than their colleagues and they all want to win prizes. The outcome is smoother, safer and more fuel-efficient driving, saving the business thousands of pounds each month and that’s before you factor in reduced vehicle downtime as a consequence of fewer accidents.”

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