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Tech duo team up to keep bus services running

23 April 2020 #Bus and Coach #TNB News

Transport technology companies Ticketer and Passenger have joined forces to ensure bus operators nationwide are able to deliver the most accurate information possible for their passengers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The move comes after the companies’ own data found buses are still transporting 11% of their usual passengers, with many people, including key workers, relying on public transport.

Under the new collaboration, smart ticketing systems provider Ticketer and public transport app provider, Passenger, will roll out Passenger’s Live Buses capability to all its operator customers. Live vehicle tracking on Passenger apps and websites will show travellers exactly where buses are on interactive maps, as operators continue to adjust timetables around key worker needs.

Passenger CEO Tom Quay said, “Scheduler teams are under huge pressure right now to make complex timetable adjustments and get the data published into every IT system that needs it. Given the unprecedented number of changes taking place, operators simply cannot update their realtime systems quickly enough.

“It is imperative that travellers can rely on getting the most accurate information possible. Showing the physical location of a bus in apps and websites is the best way to provide confidence that the bus is on its way, for anyone who has to travel.”

Over the next few days, the teams at Passenger and Ticketer will work closely to ensure that operators under pressure will have the functionality enabled as quickly as possible.

Ticketer will help automate the process by enabling vehicle monitoring (SIRI-VM) feeds for operators who would otherwise use a combination of timetable data and bus stop monitoring to update their feeds.

John Clarfelt, CEO at Ticketer, added, “We are delighted to work with our industry colleagues at Passenger to make this happen. Now, more than ever, it’s important for key industry alliances to form, to work together to put the needs of our operators first. Allowing operators to show bus locations on their apps will help key workers and those making essential journeys during these difficult times.”

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