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Goodyear launches tracker app designed to reduce downtime

11 June 2020 #Aftermarket #TNB News

Goodyear has launched a tracker app to help fleets to accurately measure the condition of their vehicles’ tyres and reduce downtime.

The Goodyear Fleet Tracker app allows fleet managers to pinpoint the right time to plan tyre maintenance and to replace tyres.

André Weisz, Managing Director of Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA, said, “Goodyear Fleet Tracker will provide detailed mileage follow-up data with up to 95 per cent accuracy to fleet managers and service providers. This way, the lifetime of tyres and total cost of ownership, can be significantly optimised.

“The user-friendly solution helps to determine the right time to change, regroove or retread the tyres – not too soon and certainly not too late – in order to prevent a potential issue.”

The app also has a GPS-enabled signal that allows fleet managers to better trace their vehicles in operation or to locate a trailer parked for a longer time on a distant location.

Weisz added, “High-value cargo transport has a special interest in the new Goodyear Fleet Tracker, as it supports their teams in retrieving the vehicle’s journey history in case of a potential theft. Route tracing is offering specific added-value for facility fleets, such as waste collection trucks or public buses, where it is important that the planned route is followed and completed.”

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