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A second wave ahead, decarbonisation and more

24 September 2020 #TNB News #Uncategorised

Back in August I wrote in TNB about the ‘silly news’ season when, bereft of good stories, all the left-field stuff gets an underserved airing. It seems we are now at the other end with a raft of news on every possible subject.

This week, several vehicle manufacturers announced new zero emission products, from vans to heavy trucks. Meanwhile we also have an update on the ever-changing situation with COVID-19; with both an introduction of additional social and business restrictions, and today’s announcement of the new Job Support Scheme launching in November, and the temporary relief it will bring.

We recently also submitted our response to the Transport Decarbonisation Plan. The journey to decarbonise road transport will require a combination of different technologies and approaches across all vehicle types. The government must recognise the diverse needs of the various vehicle segments and the different timelines and policies required for each to be able to reach net zero emissions.

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