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This week, TNB talks to trailer manufacturer Montracon

10 September 2020 #TNB News #Uncategorised

TNB: Tell us about Montracon

SL: Montracon has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of commercial vehicle trailers for more than four decades.

Based in Doncaster, we also have a state-of-the-art 36,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland, a repair and refurbishment centre near York, and a used trailer centre in Derbyshire.

We offer a wider range of trailers than many of the other major European players with a portfolio that includes curtainsiders, double decks, box vans, skeletals, machinery carriers, flatbeds, tippers, rigid beavertails and NETCAP sliding bodies.

Beyond that, we’re part of Ballyvesey Holdings which itself has a long history in the transport industry and commercial vehicle sales.

TNB: How’s business been?

SL: Leaving the disruption caused by Covid aside, business has been really strong and we’ve grown steadily with a measured expansion programme and considerable investment across the board over our 40 year history.

This investment in our facilities and equipment has in turn had a dramatic effect on our production efficiency and we now have a manufacturing capability that easily ranks alongside the very best in Europe.

Importantly, we have built flexibility into our manufacturing process, ensuring we can quickly adjust our lines to suit market demand and model mix whilst continually meeting our customer expectations.

TNB: And what about the future? What exciting developments lie ahead for Montracon?

SL: We have lots of projects and developments in the pipeline but for now we’re most excited about the huge potential of our MT45 Machinery Carriers.

The MT45 is plated for operation at up to 45t gross trailer weight, and features developments including a low profile trailer neck, coupled with a reduced incline air operated neck ramp. Together these ease the approach angle for equipment such as access platforms, electric scissors and smaller fork lifts to power up onto the neck, where they can be secured for onward transport.

The product’s been shortlisted for Innovation of the Year Trailer (medium weight 3-5 axles) at the up and coming Heavies Awards 2020 and is already proving very popular in the sector.

Steve Lymer, Sales and Marketing Director, Montracon



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