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New ADAS guidance for commercial vehicles

24 September 2020 #Logistics #TNB News

Logistics UK has produced the first generic advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) guidance document for commercial vehicles. The guide has been created by the organisation’s Engineering Forum to establish maintenance best practice and to provide standardised ADAS information for workshops and engineers.

Head of Engineering Policy at Logistics UK, Phil Lloyd, said, “ADAS is becoming increasingly more common on today’s trucks and trailers. However, there is very little guidance available from manufacturers or the authorities on how to check the functionality of these systems as part of a vehicle’s maintenance regime and/or safety inspections.”

The organisation stated that it hopes the document provides insight that will help ensure correct operation of ADAS functions, efficiently diagnose issues and provide engineering and transport managers with additional confidence that increasingly complex vehicles are maintained safely and within contracting tolerances – minor miscalculation of a single ADAS calibration can have knock-on consequences throughout the vehicle.

The guidance document can be obtained free of charge at www.logistics.org.uk/adasbriefingnote.

“Logistics UK would like to thank all the members who contributed to the guidance, as well as the SMMT for their reviews,” concluded Lloyd.

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