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Volvo Trucks revives interest in liquefied gas

24 September 2020 #TNB News #Truck

As a response to increased interest in the green fuel from hauliers, Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks will introduce engines compatible with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biogas. The engines will provide the same performance as diesel equivalents while, through the use of biogas, make possible carbon-neutral transport and CO2 emissions reductions of up to 100%.

Lars Mårtensson, Volvo Trucks Director of Environment and Innovation, said, “We believe LNG-fuelled trucks are the most commercially viable alternative for heavy long-haul operations. This fuel is available in sufficiently large quantities and at a competitive price. Using more gas trucks creates favourable conditions for making a transition to a larger share of liquefied biogas over time.”

Gas-compatible Volvo Trucks provide energy efficiency that is comparable to diesel alternatives, while producing significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) can reduce emissions by 100% from tank to wheel, while natural gas can still result in a 20% reduction over diesel.

“By investing in LNG trucks, we are showing that Bio-LNG is an important alternative to reduce dependency on fossil diesel,” continued Mårtensson. “However, to speed up the transition to climate-neutral transport, it is necessary to continue investing in liquefied gas filling stations and carrying out measures to make it easier for hauliers to invest in heavy gas-powered vehicles.”

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