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Einride launches new, production-ready autonomous delivery Pod

15 October 2020 #TNB News #Van

Einride has unveiled its new autonomous Pod, now available for reservation for the first time. The Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) Pod is also supported by the company’s new intelligent freight mobility platform and features a refined, more aerodynamic design.

Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride, said, at the online launch, “We started Einride with the ambition to be the driver of change. Today we are taking the next step to bring our solutions to the world and ramp up the transition to a more sustainable future of transport.”

The company states that the new Pod provides freight mobility that is safer, more sustainable and cost-effective than “analogue, inefficient diesel transport solutions of today.” Einride’s freight mobility platform is said to offer everything required to run and operate an electric fleet, providing a systematic approach to optimise operation.

Eventually, the Pods will be available in AET classification levels 1 to 5. 1 to 4 are currently available for pre-order, with 1-2 ready for shipment to customers for operation in early 2021. The classification system has been designed by Einride due to the novel nature of the Pod, which, thanks to a complete lack of driver compartment, does not fit into existing standards that measure levels of autonomy.

AET 1 is ideal for closed facilities with premeditated routes while AET 2 offers the same capability, plus the option to cover short distances between destinations. AET 3 allows operation on backroads and selected, less busy main roads between facilities at speeds up to 28mph. AET 4 includes fully autonomous operation on some major roads – to be defined at a later date – and routes up to 53mph.

The Pod design has been refined to provide greater performance and suitability for series production, without impacting on cargo space. Lidl and Oatly have been announced as launch partners of the next generation of Pod and will be among the first to add the technology to existing electric fleets.

AET1 and 2 are now available to order, while AET3 and 4 can be ordered with deliveries scheduled for 2022-2023.

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