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Morrisons’ 150-strong trailer order to deliver potential efficiency gains of 70%

28 January 2021 #TNB News #Trailer

Morrisons has upgraded its fleet capacity with a new order of 150 curtainsiders from Tiger Trailers equipped with a moving double deck. The supermarket plans to use its new assets instead of its usual temperature-controlled box van trailers, for delivery of ambient goods, improving fleet efficiency and versatility.

The ambient moving double-deck trailers can carry 44 pallets compared to the standard 26, and can also carry larger cages. Both companies said the design and engineering of the trailers will result in “more products, fewer miles”, with 50% more capacity for store deliveries.

Keith Boulton, Morrisons’ head of transport, said, “We’re very pleased with our new ambient double-deck trailers, which are the result of our teams working closely together to design a new solution for our fleet. The trailers’ extra capacity and versatility signify an innovative step forwards and we’re delighted that they carry our new branding elements and messaging.”

The trailers feature an internal gate rated to 10 tonnes, 4-ram deck-lifting system, aerodynamic roof design, EN 12642-XL rated components and Tiger’s ‘Captive-Rave’ load securing and restraint system, which enables dual cage and pallet capability. Morrisons’ brief requested trailers closer to a tall curtainsider in height, to enable operation within the restricted environments of some urban and rural stores.

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