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TIP Trailer Services launches new braking monitoring system

14 January 2021 #TNB News #Trailer

TIP Trailer Services has launched its new BrakePlus dedicated Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS). The system aims to eradicate the need for physical roller brake tests throughout the year, reducing cost and vehicle downtime by providing precise monitoring of performance and updates to fleet managers.

The system measures braking performance using a trailer’s electronic controls and produces reports to help operators remain compliant with DVSA. Under-performance triggers an email alert, meaning that manual system monitoring is no longer required. TIP stated that its research suggests that the true cost of performing a roller brake test is £100.

TIP Trailer Services managing director UK & Ireland, Mike Furnival, said, “For a while now, DVSA has considered EBPMS to be a valid means of assessing trailer braking performance, the output from which can be used as compliance evidence that forms part of an operator’s maintenance records. After nearly two years of developing the system, including a year-long trial with several fleet operator customers and nearly 100 UK-based trailers, we are delighted to add this capability to our range of trailer services.”

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