New emissions standards for a transforming CV sector

21 January 2021 #Uncategorised

The current Euro VI standards have made a significant contribution to improving air quality, but as we look ahead to meet new ambitious targets, there is undeniably still more work to be done.

Unsurprisingly policymakers are therefore now actively looking into a more stringent Euro VII standard. It is difficult to know at this stage what it will finally look like, but we know already that currently unregulated substances such as ammonia (NH3) will be included, as well as a more consistent testing regime across engine types and potentially a requirement for lifetime compliance.

There will of course be an incredible cost associated with this shift, for an industry already trying to adjust to new processes for moving goods in a post-Brexit world and working alongside ongoing Covid restrictions. However, closing the emissions gap is a challenge our industry takes seriously, not least demonstrated by the many new electric and hybrid LCV models coming to market this year. The rise of electrification and alternative fuels aside, new emissions standards can help address the rest of the motor parc – and with the vast majority of commercial vehicles on the road powered by diesel, policymakers need to carefully consider the best steps to facilitate fleet renewal during this transitional period.

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