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45 efficient new tri-axle lifting deck trailers head to Royal Mail

25 February 2021 #TNB News #Trailer

Royal Mail has placed an order for a further 45 tri-axle Lifting Deck trailers from existing supplier Don-Bur. The latest design increases capacity by 30% in comparison to existing trailers and offers a fuel saving of up to 7%. The company states that the capacity growth will cut down trips by a third, with each trailer cutting CO2 output by 7.8 tonnes per year.

The trailers for Royal Mail include a specially designed lifting roof design, which provides additional headroom for ease of loading, before lowering to 4.5m overall before transit. The enhanced aerodynamics improve fuel efficiency and enable passage through otherwise height-restricted routes, such as Dartford tunnel.

‘Blade’ panels also feature, which are thin, steel faced composite panels that reduce unladen weight without compromising robustness. Don-Bur claims that the design reduces maintenance requirements and extends trailer lifespan.

Richard Low, Royal Mail fleet engineer, said, “We have a longstanding working relationship with Don-Bur, who are extremely adept at understanding real-world logistics challenges and have developed new and exciting technology for us. Jointly, we’ve designed and engineered more efficient trailers for an ecologically sustainable future.”

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