A tale of two sectors

18 February 2021 #Uncategorised

This week we released the 2020 whole year registration figures for trucks and buses & coaches. No surprises in that we knew the numbers would be well down, but the sectors have very different stories to tell.

For trucks, a -32.2% decline is quite a hit, but the sector is fundamentally sound. As the economy recovers, it should rebound strongly. A robust aftermarket also underpins the industry, as operators have kept vehicles longer.

For heavy buses and coaches, it is a very different picture. The steep decline, particularly -58.7% for single decks, comes after the previous year’s reduction. The pandemic has just accelerated the long-term downward trend in ridership. An efficient and accessible public transport sector will be at the core of any future green mobility strategy. The successful rollout of the vaccination programme – while of course very welcome – will not be enough on its own. We need concerted action from Government to stimulate demand once the pandemic is over so that this vital sector can face the future with more confidence.

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