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Government consults on increasing use of renewable fuels for UK road transport

01 April 2021 #TNB News

Under its Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO), the UK government has launched a consultation on proposals to increase the RTFO main obligation to supply renewable fuel by 2.5%: 1.5% in 2022 followed by a further 1% between 2023 and 2032. The target will then be kept under review in subsequent years. The obligation was set at 9.75% in 2020 and will rise to 12.4% in 2032.

The focus on renewable fuels has been gradually intensifying as industry seeks a way to reduce short- to mid-term emissions while alternative technologies and their infrastructure, such electrification and hydrogen, are developed. The percentage of biodiesel in B7 pump fuel has steadily risen and is now at around 6%.

Andy Eastlake, managing director for Zemo Partnership, an independent collaboration to accelerate the UK’s transition to zero emission mobility, said, “We are trying to make the market pull renewable fuels as well. This consultation suggests the government is going to increase the RTFO to force more renewable fuel into the market, which is a good thing. We still think there is a role for market demand measures so companies that want to do the right thing should be helped to buy renewable fuels if they can. Much of the heavy truck fleet can go to B30, B100 or renewable HVO blends, whereas the diesel car fleet is going to struggle beyond B7.”

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