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IVECO unveils new S-Way and Daily models online

03 June 2021 #TNB News #Truck #Van

IVECO this week unveiled its new S-Way and Daily models in an online launch. The S-Way features a new engine line-up that offers a 3% fuel efficiency increase and the company’s new voice companion, IVECO Driver Pal, which enables vehicle-driver interaction using Amazon Alexa voice commands.

The new Daily also features IVECO Driver Pal, plus a new Daily Air-Pro intelligent pneumatic suspension system with smart electronic controls. The feature is said to enhance comfort, protect the vehicle’s driver and load, and adapt to road conditions and payload requirements. Its latest Euro 6-D, 2.3-litre engine also delivers fuel savings of up to 6% and a 15% boost in torque.

Through vocal commands, IVECO’s Driver Pal feature enables drivers to interact with the vehicle’s control systems, including infotainment, navigation and vehicle health status, and allows access to fleet management functions and message exchange with drivers in their area to provide additional on-route travel and traffic support.

The adaptable Air-Pro system gives the driver control of suspension characteristics. The system can reduce vehicle roll angle by up to 30% in corners. Vehicle height can also be adjusted for ease of loading and unloading.

The S-Way range will include Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) versions.

Of the S-Way, Giuliano Giovannini, head of medium and heavy line product management, said, “It is unusual for a manufacturer to make a substantial product update just two years after launching a brand-new model. However, this is exactly what we are doing with the IVECO S-Way – and we are improving a vehicle that was already among the best in its category.”

Davide Diana, IVECO light business line director added, of the Daily, “The New Daily enters the LCV market in a year where it is expected to rise to the highest level in history. Registrations have consistently grown over the last three quarters, with IVECO following the same trend.”

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