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Volvo Trucks announces acoustic alert ahead of July legislation for electric trucks

03 June 2021 #TNB News #Truck

Volvo Trucks has developed a unique acoustic alert for its latest electric trucks. From 1 July , all new electric vehicles in the UK will be required to emit an audible sound when travelling at speeds below 12mph.

UK legislation states that EV alerts will be speed-dependent, but that at 12mph the sound of an approaching vehicle must be at least 56 dB. If a vehicle fails to reach this level, then an additional external acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) will be required.

The solution announced by Volvo Trucks includes four different variations of tone and pitch that inform people in the vicinity of the truck’s movements, which will vary in intensity based on truck speed, and shift in frequency during acceleration and deceleration.

Anna Wrige Berling, Volvo Trucks traffic and product safety director said, “With our new alert system, we want to help ensure that pedestrians and cyclists notice when they are close to our electric trucks. The sounds are designed to not penetrate through walls. Our electric trucks will still allow for quiet night-time deliveries and contribute to better working conditions for the drivers and a quieter, cleaner environment.”

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