5 minutes with Chris Hope, R&D Engineer at Hope Technical Developments

21 July 2021 #Uncategorised

TNB speaks to Chris Hope, R&D Engineer at Hope Technical Developments about his company’s plans for the CV Show.

Are you looking forward to the CV Show?
Yes. It’s a good chance to catch up with existing and new customers. The CV Show is the key event in the industry for promoting our van and truck safety products. We are finding there is great demand for our products at the moment due to the growth in the home deliveries market, as well as in the utilities and pharmaceuticals sectors.

What will be the highlight on your stand?
We have recently upgraded our sensor connect system that seamlessly integrates a vehicle’s OEM reversing sensors into all Hope products and are keen to showcase it at the CV Show. Integration is quick and easy and is particularly popular with pharmaceutical companies.

What other products will you have on display at the CV Show?
We will be promoting our tool lift system that can be mounted in the side opening of a Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van with few modifications required and which takes up little space when stored away. The tool lift helps businesses comply with the latest health and safety regulations on manual handling and lifting and uses a simple winch mechanism that can be operated by a solo delivery driver.

There is also the breaker docker product which is used by utility workers, who need to lift and stow their breaker equipment safely back into the van. It is mounted in the near side rear of a van in a vertical position.

We will also display the Hope Safe-T-Bar which we have produced for more than two decades. This full width protection bumper is constructed using high tensile cold formed alloy steel, positioned to protect the rear of a vehicle from day to day knocks and forklift loading.

What other key developments do you want to tell visitors?
We are currently working towards gaining full TUV accreditation. This is designed to go hand in hand with targeting international operators and fleets in the e-commerce sector which is growing fast in Europe. The aftermarket marketplace is more stringent in Germany and there is a requirement to be TUV compliant. Having the TUV approval is also necessary for selling our products in the likes of Spain and Italy and enhances the value of the Hope brand among our business partners in Europe. We are hoping for full approval by the CV Show.

Why is the CV Show so important to Hope Technical Developments?
It’s an excellent chance to network and maintain contact with our customers. We are a family-run company based in Littlehampton that was founded in 1962, and although we are constantly updating our products, it is important to have a show like this to display them and keep the profile of the business high. We might not see some customers face-to-face during the year but then see them at the show and have a chat. We’ve been there many times as a company, longer than I’ve been alive, and I’m 31!

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