Vans are coming home

08 July 2021 #Uncategorised

2021 sees the year-to-date performance for LCV registrations recovering from the effects of the pandemic, up 1.8% on 2015-2019 average, with growth coming mainly from heavier vans, once again. This year is currently shaping up to be the third best-ever for the sector. Although demand from home delivery operators played a role, the construction industry also showed robust growth.

It is difficult to predict where the market will end up by the end of the year, with lead times being extended by semiconductor supply issues. And once again the shift towards EVs continues, although this transition will greatly depend on the rollout of charging infrastructure across the nation, something that will affect all vehicle categories.

Meanwhile, following on from Nissan’s recent announcement, the news from Stellantis is a huge boost of confidence in the UK automotive sector, adding to our portfolio of commercial vehicle manufacturing, both specialist and mass market.

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