5 minutes with Steve Wilson, Arval UK Product and Proposition Manager

19 August 2021 #Uncategorised

Steve Wilson, Arval UK Product and Proposition Manager, on how Arval is looking to transition light commercial vehicle fleets to electric.

Why is the Commercial Vehicle Show important to Arval?

The CV Show is acknowledged as the most important and largest event for commercial vehicles in the UK and always attracts large numbers of engaged visitors. It is an important opportunity for Arval UK to showcase the latest thinking in our vehicle leasing and consultancy expertise, and present the newest developments in the many different products and services that we offer customers to meet their LCV decarbonisation goals.

What is Arval highlighting/showcasing at the show this year?

Our focus at this year’s CV Show is on leading the charge to 2030, aimed at the transition of fleets to electric LCVs. There is a huge appetite to adopt eLCVs, but much uncertainty about the strategic decisions that need to be made and the resulting steps, which we can support businesses to take. Arval can provide the guidance necessary to help customers successfully implement electrification of their fleets. This covers everything from auditing a fleet’s business needs, identifying the vehicles and charging infrastructure required, to creating a complete funding and operational solution. Our aim at the CV Show is to highlight that electrification is very much an opportunity to advance all areas of your fleet operations and should be used as a route to not just create a lower emissions fleet, but also one that is markedly more efficient and effective.

What is your favourite CV Show memory?

My favourite CV Show is always the next one! It’s such a good place to pick up on the latest thinking and emerging trends, and that is what I love about it. I always return to the office full of ideas on how Arval can continue to innovate and support LCV fleets.

What’s your advice for anyone attending the show for the first time?

Plan your day using the show guides supplied to ensure you visit all the key stands that you need to, but also leave time to have a general look around. There will always be new things to see, interesting people to talk to, and exciting products and services that will take you by surprise. It is useful to gather information and brochures on the day, but most important to ask exhibitors to scan or record your details so that they can send you valuable information after the show, which you will have the opportunity to read and digest in your own time. And of course, come and visit the Arval team at stand 31.

What are your anticipated highlights for this year?

I believe the highlights of this year’s show will be the focus on the future in terms of creating a more sustainable and technology-focused transport industry. I am expecting to see that, along with the Arval UK stand’s focus on fleet transition to eLCVs, many others will be showcasing new electric vans, energy saving devices and new technologies, all with a clear aim of helping LCV fleets to become more efficient and more ecologically friendly.

Steve Wilson, Arval UK Product and Proposition Manager

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