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Arrival developing data platform with Microsoft

12 August 2021 #CV Sector #TNB News

Electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Arrival is working with Microsoft to develop an open data platform for vehicles and fleets, enabling advanced uses of telemetry and data management.

Arrival said the cloud-based approach will develop models to simplify data sharing within mobility and freight and tackle the current lack of a standardised method to manage and use connected vehicle data.

According to the company this will enable multiple different stakeholders – from OEMs, automotive suppliers and cities, to freight and logistics companies – to securely and responsibly analyse these swathes of data and apply valuable insights to their business.

This will then enable stakeholders to control what data is shared and with whom – tackling a key issue within the sector.

The open data platform will use Azure and machine learning to extract insights from the data, with the potential to be used in areas such as improving vehicle designs, advancing fleet logistics and helping spur advancements in mobility ecosystems and business models.

Avinash Rugoobur, president of Arrival, said: “Data management and analysis is crucial to bringing customized, affordable and equitable solutions to the world.

“With the rapid advances in technology across all areas, we need a standardised way of collecting, assimilating and sharing that data so all can share in the full benefits of what connected vehicles can bring.

“Working closely with Microsoft to develop and then demonstrate the huge advantages of having an open data platform for vehicles and fleets will be truly ground-breaking for companies and cities around the world.”

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