5 minutes with James Turner, Product and Legislation Manager at DAF Trucks

01 September 2021 #Uncategorised

James Turner, Product and Legislation Manager at DAF Trucks on the new range of recently launched DAF Trucks

Tell us about the new DAF range?
With the New Generation DAF range, we have set a new standard in truck design with an entirely new line-up of vehicles. The new XF, XG and XG+ offer the highest quality, a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features, and the next level of luxury for the driver and co-driver. The New Generation DAF begins production in October and is available to order today. All new generation models also include a two-year preventative maintenance package as standard.

What are the improvements on the previous models?
As the first manufacturer to take advantage of the new European masses and dimensions regulations, we can now offer a completely new cab design, including a 160 mm front elongation to enable industry-leading aerodynamics and safety. Our XG and XG+ create a new premium market segment and offer 330 mm of extra cab length at the rear, to provide unmatched space and comfort for the driver. Full LED lighting technology, brand new interiors, as well as a class-leading sleeping area; just a few of the changes made on these new trucks.

What has the reception been like from dealers and customers?
Restrictions have meant that the New Generation DAF launch activity took place online, and it was incredibly well-received to a Europe-wide audience. We recently exhibited at the ITT Hub which gave our customers, drivers and sales teams a chance to get hands on with the new product – the first time anywhere in Europe. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far with a large number of orders taken in the early few weeks of launch.

How important is electrification for DAF’s strategy?
We were one of the first European truck manufacturers to successfully bring a fully electric truck onto the market. Electric transport operations is about much more than finding the right truck for a specific application. Electric driving also encompasses efficient charging systems, robust electric motors, electric PTO options and more. It all starts with an extensive consultation process. One of our electric vehicle specialists will use advanced route simulation programmes to demonstrate how an electric truck will deliver efficiencies in your daily business; for your routes, your journey planning and for your fleet management.

Tell us more about the latest range of PACCAR chargers for EVs?
We offer a full range of fixed charging stations with power levels from 20 kW up to 360 kW. In addition, to provide maximum flexibility, mobile chargers with power levels from 24 kW up to 40 kW are available. Discussions surrounding which charger is best for any given operation occurs during the consultation process. If you want to find out more about the solutions available, our dealers can explain more.

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