A workforce for the future

30 September 2021 #Uncategorised

The automotive sector recognises the need for electrification, and in the interim alternative fuels. Indeed, for the past few months we seem to have discussed nothing else but new technology. However, for us and the UK to meet its 2050 net zero commitments, a fresh approach to skills is also needed.

The technology transformation is already underway, and the key challenge is how do we ensure that the sector’s workforce, at all levels, is positioned to make the transition to a whole new skill set. We need to bring together employers, employees, and educators, not just to develop them, but the whole industry. There are already several local initiatives, but the scale of the challenge means we need a national framework.

For us to compete on a global scale and meet our decarbonisation targets, such a focus by government is essential. The industry is undergoing the most rapid transformation in its history, and it is also probably one of the most exciting times to be around, but for this to work we need a highly skilled workforce that meets the needs of business.

With that in mind, the place of the UK automotive sector on the global stage has never been more important, whether it’s for sourcing components, exporting the latest low-emission vehicles around the world, or attracting top talent. All of these issues are to be explored in SMMT’s upcoming Global Trade Conference, a new online event to be held on Tuesday 12 October. Register now to make sure you don’t miss out on crucial insight from speakers such as MPs Mike Freer and Emily Thornberry, and Bentley’s Adrian Hallmark.

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