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FORDLiive delivers 15,000 extra days of vehicle uptime

23 September 2021 #Other #TNB News

Ford says new data shows the productivity‑boosting benefits that its new connected uptime system is delivering for the company’s van customers.

Staff based at the new FORDLiive centre in Dunton, Essex have delivered more than 15,000 additional days of vehicle availability in the UK since the free-of-charge service was announced in March this year.

The service, which supports the Transit Centre dealer network, uses new UptimePro software to proactively manage repair and maintenance cases on behalf of customers.

These FORDLiive uptime specialists utilise a constant feed of live data from Ford’s dealer and roadside assistance network to track each vehicle’s repair progress and respond to emerging issues – advising on the best solutions for optimum uptime.

Inside the control room, the 9-metre by 2-metre screen displays real-time data on repair and maintenance cases requiring parts or technical support, as well as total fleet uptime, total number of open cases, cases resolved daily and average case duration.

In total, there are now more than 100 FORDLiive agents in Europe working with dealers and customers, with further team members being added as the system is expanded across all European markets.

Nathan Sanders, manager, customer relations, Ford of Europe said: “Our FORDLiive Centres are already demonstrating their value and proving that using data to unlock productivity delivers tangible benefits for customers – and this is just the start.

“We will keep enhancing our FORDLiive services in pursuit of delivering 100 per cent operating uptime so customers can focus on looking after their business rather than their vehicles.”

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