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Alpine Travel aims for maximum compliance with TruTac

28 October 2021 #Bus and Coach #TNB News

Coach operator Alpine Travel is monitoring drivers’ tachograph compliance and their time and attendance with TruTac products ahead of a planned application to join DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme.

Compliance is handled by TruTac’s CPT Tacho Analysis software, a dedicated PSV tachograph analysis and reporting system that fits with the Llandudno operator’s mission to have ensure all its drivers remain compliant.

According to Alpine, the software has helped it to win and maintain business, as some larger clients enquire about the methods in place to ensure high standards prior to commissioning work.

TruTac’s TruTime software, meanwhile, monitors employees’ time and attendance. That is complemented by three DigiPostPro boxes in depots to track when shifts begin and end.

The company now runs its payroll from the accurate driver hours recorded by TruTime.

DigiPostPro boxes easily download digital tachographs to the driver’s calendar, which Alpine Travel says is much more efficient than the company chasing the drivers every 28 days.

The CPT Tacho Analysis portal includes an Earned Recognition dashboard as standard and at no charge.

It presents the KPIs required by the scheme in what TruTac describes as “a simple graphical format.” Alpine Travel hopes that its use of the product will pave the way to Earned Recognition membership in due course.

Transport and Compliance Manager Michael Spotswood. “A lot of bigger customers send us a check sheet before they hire (from) us to see if we conform to their requirements.

“Invariably, they ask if we are accredited by any professional bodies. That can dictate whether certain companies use us just once or multiple times – and we do have a high percentage of returning customers.”

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