Getting accustomed to change

09 December 2021 #Uncategorised

With all the attention swirling around Covid just now, we can sometimes forget that other momentous change that occurred just under 12 months ago: Brexit. And as a result, on 1 January 1 2022, full customs controls come into effect at all our borders, except in Northern Ireland.

With all the current supply chain issues affecting the UK economy, any lack of preparation by businesses can only add to delays and increased costs. This area can be a minefield for the unwary. We not only have the reintroduction of controls last seen decades ago, but new systems and procedures.

To support our members, in the first three weeks of January 2022 SMMT will be running a series of focussed, very technical feedback sessions for customs specialists within our membership. Attending will be experts on all the mechanisms underpinning January’s procedures, and tools such as GVMS and CDS.

We will also need to gather feedback on any systemic operational issues so we can raise these with colleagues in government and other industry stakeholders.

If you require information on how to get your business ready for the January 2022 please refer to the resources here.

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