5 minutes with Victoria Taylor, Marketing Executive at Bri-Stor Systems

06 January 2022 #Uncategorised

What does Bri-Stor Systems do?
The vehicle conversion firm has refurbished commercial fleets of all sizes to become a market leader over the last four decades – and is now even helping luxury barbers to get on the road.

Our customer-focused approach has built long-standing relationships with many of the biggest fleet customers in the UK and we currently convert thousands of vehicles every year.

Based in Hixon, Staffordshire, our staff offer a variety of conversions services, from design consultation and in-house manufacture to installation and livery application, vehicle de-fleet and delivery.

Customers come from a wide variety of sectors such as utilities, housing, telecommunications, automotive and rail, and businesses with fleets containing 10 or 1,000 vehicles.

Our range of internal van racking, roof equipment and on-board power and electronics systems are produced to the highest standards with great value.

Engineering teams at Bri-Stor also work in partnership with customers to come up with projects tailored to their specific requirements.

All new vehicles are designed and engineered to high standards and we test everything extensively before we include it in a vehicle.

Tell us about the mobile barbershop project?
Since October 2020, we have worked closely with the UK’s largest mobile barber, Trim-it, to design and develop a luxury mobile barbershop. The van, based on the Citroen Relay, has been fully fitted to include everything a barber needs on the road, including wall features and seats for waiting clients. In common with all Bri-Stor customers, Trim-it has its own customer portal to order replacement parts, additional storage and vehicle liveries whenever it needs to.

Describe the work of Bri-Stor’s graphics department?
Trim-it is one example of a customer using Bri-Stor’s Hex Signs & Graphics division, which offers the entire vehicle branding service from consultation to design, manufacture and fitting of all vehicle graphics. Hex has a UK network of professional and experienced specialists who can carry out the work.

What about Bri-Stor’s welfare vehicle conversion service?
Bri-Stor has developed a range of welfare van conversions based on feedback from customers.

Our welfare vehicles can transport teams of workers to and from sites, usually in the rail, utilities and civil infrastructure sectors.

We provide a range of different options, from standard models to luxury conversions, with a large variety of optional extras.

At Bri-Stor our welfare vehicles are durable and reliable, built to the same high quality standards as our other commercial vehicle conversions.

What makes Bri-Stor stand out as a company?
Every year Bri-Stor works closely with hundreds of small businesses and van users to quickly understand their specific requirements and develop custom solutions where required.

We make a big effort to understand the needs of the customer and their work space and storage needs, whether they are a plumber, joiner, construction company or anything else.

Victoria Taylor, Marketing Executive at Bri-Stor Systems

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