Five minutes with Steve Jackson, Managing Director, Wheely-Safe

27 January 2022 #Uncategorised

Can you start by giving us a brief overview of your system?
Our patented sensor technology includes intelligent TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) for all vehicle types, from cars and vans right up to the largest trucks and trailers. For HGV and PSV fleets we also offer additional protection against wheel loss and brake and hub overheating.

There are lots of TPMS solutions on the market, what makes Wheely-Safe stand out from the rest?
Our system is the world’s first to be able to detect the onset of wheel loss while the vehicle is in motion.

In the past, operators have used brightly coloured wheel nut indicators, but these cannot warn the driver if a wheel nut starts to loosen mid-journey. Fleets using Wheely-Safe know that as soon as a wheel nut starts to move an alert will be immediately flagged to the driver – and the transport office if linked up via telematics – ensuring the vehicle can pull over safely.

Through years of development and refinement additional features were added, such as the intelligent TPMS and built-in heat sensor that, due to its location next to the wheel rim and braking mechanism, can detect brake and hub issues involving low or high temperatures.

What are the main benefits of the technology?
Well, first and foremost, the safety and peace of mind it offers.

But there are many other benefits too. What has impressed customers the most is its ability to flag potential breakdowns before they happen, helping fleets to save both time and money. If it can stop just one roadside tyre failure, then the system has effectively paid for itself on that vehicle.

And that’s before you take into account its ability to help fleets save fuel and extend tyre life.

What would you say to an operator who is in two minds as to whether they need to invest in a wheel security system?
We have had firms tell us they fear using a product like ours questions the quality of their maintenance, but that’s not the case at all. We are just offering protection against those scenarios that you have little or no control over.

Even if they tell us they have never had a wheel loss incident before, our response is always the same: ‘Well, why take the risk? You would always fit a fire alarm in your house, even if you haven’t had a fire before.’

Plus add in the benefits of an intelligent TPMS on all axles, including both truck and trailer, and the benefits are huge.

What are the long-term targets for the business?
The system has proved hugely popular since its launch, with major bus fleets such as Translink and Trentbarton now protecting their entire fleets with our technology. Many other commercial vehicle operators also utilise the system, including local authorities, emergency services fleets and hauliers. And we have no intention of slowing down now.

Initially, it was designed for aftermarket use, but in the long term we see it predominantly as an OEM fitment. Wrightbus has already incorporated Wheely-Safe into the prototype of its ground-breaking StreetDeck Electroliner, providing alerts directly within the dashboard binnacle. The potential is huge; in years to come, we don’t see any reason why it can’t be fitted to every truck, trailer, bus and coach coming off the production line.

Steve Jackson, Managing Director, Wheely-Safe

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