UK’s first Maxus eDeliver9 welfare van

24 February 2022 #Van

The first Maxus eDeliver9 van in the UK is set to begin operations and meet the welfare needs of companies across the country.

The battery electric vehicle, unveiled by VMS Fleet Management after being developed in partnership with Clarks Vehicle Conversions, has a solar power set-up and a range of 185 miles, or 219 miles in the city.

The eDeliver9 can accommodate up to seven people, plus an extra 250kg of payload, with welfare features including a microwave, water boiler, dining table, desk, interior lighting and a bathroom.

It also has access points to vehicle and power elements, while the solar power set-up supports the van’s lithium welfare system, charging when the vehicle charges.

According to VMS, the new van was part of heavy investment in its EV fleet as the business supports customers in going electric.

Martin James, VMS Managing Director, said: “The Maxus eDeliver9 is an innovative, low-emission vehicle and converting this into a welfare van has extended its use across various sectors.

“We’re glad to be able to add this innovative vehicle to our contract hire fleet for customers from all different industries to enjoy in the future.”

The van was supplied by MAR Vehicle Solutions and has been N2 type-approved under the GB National Approval scheme.

David Chilvers, Head of Sales at Clarks Vehicle Conversions, said: “The Maxus eDeliver9 is an ideal option for the EV welfare market and the advances we’ve made to the vehicle build show how the industry is changing and moving forward.

“We look forward to continue developing our offering to VMS and their customers in the future.”

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