Vehicle efficiency is cool for new pharma vans

10 February 2022 #Van

A major pharmaceutical supplier is set to invest £30 million in upgrading its fleet of 900 temperature-controlled vans, in a switch to vehicles with more efficient cooling systems.

Coventry company AAH Pharmaceuticals began the first phase of its three-year replacement programme at the end of last year with the delivery of 328 new Euro-6 pharmavans, valued at £11.2m.

The vans, which include Ford Transits, provide greater control of ambient temperatures, replacing the internal air conditioning systems seen on previous models.

This guarantees the temperatures needed to safely deliver medicines and other stock items to pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors nationwide.

AAH has also introduced a more agile telematics solution, helping the business to plan more efficient delivery routes, consume less fuel, and reduce its miles per gallon (MPG) ratio to cut carbon emissions.

Toby Anderson, CEO of McKesson UK, parent company of AAH, said: “The rollout of a brand new pharmavan fleet marks a significant investment in the company, to make our operations more efficient, to deliver a better service, and to support our sustainability pledge.

“Our new vans will be industry-leading in the final-mile delivery of pharmaceuticals, helping us deliver products to our customers in the most compliant, efficient way.

“We’re committed to enhancing the service that AAH offers and future-proofing the business through investment.”

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