Five minutes with Mal Rooney, Global Distribution Manager, Vehicle Vision

03 March 2022 #Uncategorised

What kind of services do you provide for the commercial vehicle sector?
We supply a variety of organisations in the commercial vehicle (CV) sector with our personalised video products, including dedicated inspection service providers, commercial vehicle bodywork and ancillary equipment businesses for tail-lift inspection, maintenance and servicing. Workshop and field engineers can use the Vehicle Vision software to capture and relay video footage with their commentary.

Any there new technology developments to talk about?
In 2021, we launched a new product, Vehicle Vision Assist, developed to support sales and service environments with more accurate vehicle valuations for part exchange purposes and purchasing used vehicles. It also supports the diagnosis of vehicle issues reported by customers, improving first time fixing.

In both these scenarios, vehicle owners and operators are sent a link from their supplier by text and email, which they can open on the Assist app and use to quickly send video footage for evaluation and review.

We are receiving interest for other Assist applications, for example warranty. Where a vehicle owner has an issue and believes it’s covered under warranty, Vehicle Vision Assist enables the supplier to use Assist and potentially save time and money if an engineer call out is not required.

Tell us about how your aftersales software can help customers?
Our app and internet browser-based software simplifies the service and repair process by breaking down the barriers between the aftersales environment and the customer. It also supports customers in the decision-making process, as they can see the evidence for themselves: a video demonstrates issues in a way that a narrative or photograph just cannot show.

Our personalised video software helps businesses across the spectrum of aftersales with issues such as claims and disputes, end of lease inspections, recommendations for work and associated genuine up-sell opportunities, duty of care, and innovative and enhanced service due to the transparency of video.

What sets Vehicle Vision apart from your competitors?
We care about value not volume: our size means we think and act agile when we need to, and customers are always able to reach someone they know and can trust with their business.

We also listen and react to our user base, so that everyone in our user community benefits from added innovative features, because we understand or customers’ world.

How important is SMMT membership to the company?
We joined the SMMT in 2020 and we have steadily become more active. We gain valuable insight from webinars and the regular news we receive, and have participated in digital networking events which have been great to meet and connect with peers. We’re also looking forward to the return of in-person events.

We have an international customer base, making exporting a strategic area of growth for the business. SMMT’s International team have been very supportive, inviting us to events and promoting our business through SMMT marketing channels. We firmly believe that membership demonstrates our commitment to the automotive sector and our support for the industry.

Mal Rooney, Global Distribution Manager, Vehicle Vision

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