Preparation for self-driving vehicles

21 April 2022 #Uncategorised

A common question I’m asked about self-driving vehicles is usually something like: ‘When will I be able to get one that will take me home from the pub?’

Like a taxi, you mean? However, real automated vehicles are on their way, and it’s no surprise to see that changes to the Highway Code unveiled by the DfT this week set out when a driver is expected to take back control in a self-driving vehicle. Safety is obviously paramount, so updating the code in line with this kind of technology makes sense. The technology is developing fast and brings huge potential for safer and more efficient journeys.

And not just for passenger cars, either. Light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses and coaches all need to reap the benefits too. Technology already plays a huge part in our sector, of course, with systems that can extend horizons for drivers, for instance. There is huge potential.

Really, a better question to ask than the one I started with is: ‘When do you think my beer will be delivered to my local by a robotic dray wagon?’.

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