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Five minutes with Duncan Forrester, Chief Communications Officer, Volta Trucks

09 June 2022 #Features & Interviews

What can you tell us about Volta’s new Zero models?

The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-tonne Volta Zero models will carry over the principles of the innovative cab and premium working environment for drivers from the larger 16-tonne vehicle, literally placing the driver in the centre of everything in a low and central seating position. This gives the driver a wide 220-degrees of direct vision and protects vulnerable road users around the vehicle, with their eye-line mirroring the height of pedestrians and other road users nearby for easy visual communication.

Our customers tell us that they really appreciate these safety and zero-emission attributes of the 16-tonne Volta Zero, but also need smaller 7.5- and 12-tonne vehicles in their operations. For example, these smaller vehicles can work in some city centre environments at weekends, where a 16T vehicle isn’t permitted, extending our customer’s service offering. By delivering vehicle variants from 7.5 to 18 tonnes, we’re offering the widest possible range of vehicles that a customer would need for city centre distribution.

Tell us more about Volta’s new tie-ups with Paneltex.

We were delighted to be able to announce the partnership with Paneltex at the recent CV Show. As a disruptor in the commercial vehicle industry, we will not be following the well-established path of supplying chassis cabs to body builders, but managing the complete vehicle. This ensures that we can better service and maintain our vehicles, as well as delivering the best possible uptime as part of our Truck as a Service offering.

It’s imperative that we work with the world’s leading cargo box suppliers as we will be needing significant volumes of cargo bodies.

Carrier Transicold will supply refrigerated equipment for the new Volta. Can you tell us more about the agreement?

The confirmation of Carrier Transicold follows the same path of working with industry-leading suppliers that, in turn, provides our customers with the reassurance of reliability and durability from the first vehicle built. It also ensures that we can accelerate our pace to market, and start making a positive difference as soon as possible, at volume.

The zero tailpipe emission benefits of full-electric vehicles are well understood but it would be unconscionable to then have to chill the refrigerated cargo box with a diesel generator. Carrier Transicold’s integrated solution means that we can offer customers a full-electric zero tailpipe emission vehicle that can also carry food and perishable goods in chilled or frozen environments as needed.

How will the new Volta Trucks Hub work for customers?

The Volta Trucks Hub is where Volta Trucks will undertake all of the routine servicing and maintenance of vehicles. It will also host admin offices, a Volta Trucks Academy training centre and Call Centre that will provide the interface between customers and the company’s team of technical and commercial experts, 24/7/365. In essence, the Volta Trucks Hub is the single point of contact for the customer after the initial delivery of the vehicle.

The Paris Hub that we announced recently will accommodate eight servicing bays and will serve more than 600 trucks per year. The facility is currently being fitted out and will be ready in time for the customer trials in late 2022. We expect to be able to announce the location of the London Hub shortly, and the locations of our other EU launch cities shortly thereafter.

Duncan Forrester, Chief Communications Officer, Volta Trucks

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