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Five minutes with Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL Group

01 June 2022 #Features & Interviews

What products does TVL market?
TVL Security designs and manufactures leading vehicle security products supplying directly to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive market. We design, build and install advanced locking systems for vans and goods vehicles and our patented products include additional security for load area protection, whole vehicle protection, vehicle component protection and OEM replacement or upgrade products.

Our customers range from sole traders and SMEs to major fleets and vehicle manufacturers including Ford, which now offers factory-fit options for TVL Security products.

Any new products to talk about?
We have just announced we’re leading a new fight against van crime as we think it’s high time something was done to help businesses fight back. We’ve launched Tell TVL, which is a secure national online database backed by police, where victims of crime can report full details including images, in addition to reporting the crime to police.

We have funded this project ourselves and it will always be free for users, who in return for helping to paint the first national picture of the real problem of van crime will receive tailored crime prevention advice.

By securely recording detailed data, as agreed with the National Business Crime Centre, Tell TVL will create the UK’s first real-time national database capturing the scale and nature of van crime.

All data will be collated and shared with police in support of central efforts to crackdown on van crime.

In addition, registered users will be able to get free anonymised data reports highlighting crime hotspots and receive targeted crime prevention advice based on trends in entry methods so drivers can be alert to all potential risks.

What makes TVL Security stand out as a company?
Our brilliant Innovation Team has a wealth of experience and is the most proactive of any supplier in our industry. They are constantly looking to innovate and create new countermeasures against vehicle crime and their commitment saves our customers untold amounts of time and money – and in some cases their entire livelihoods. We are also fortunate to have brilliant installers and engineers who really know their stuff.

How important is customer service to TVL?
We treat our customers’ businesses like they are our own, and after 12 years are now front of mind for companies when they think about van security. We don’t take that position lightly and work in partnership with our customers to make sure their vehicles, goods and tools are as safe as they can be.

Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL Group

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