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30 June 2022 #TNB News

The SMMT International Automotive Summit saw more than 300 members, guests and invited speakers and dignitaries come together at the Institute of Engineering and Technology this week.

We heard from leading car and truck manufacturers, the supply chain, aftermarket and customer-facing experts on the challenges we all face in these difficult times, with skills and infrastructure some of the frequent conversation topics during coffee breaks and lunch.

So, too, was the cost of energy, another cornerstone of our Full Throttle to Full Charge report, which we launched at the Summit.

The automotive sector faces a £90 million hike in bills as costs soar, so SMMT is calling urgent action by government to support the sector here, with skills and investment to support competitiveness and transformation to zero-emission.

The report sets out a vision of the sector leading the push to net zero, but the time left to get things right is tight with a 2024 milestone looming and tougher EU-UK Rules of Origin, amongst many other challenges.

With the UK implementing one of the most ambitious road transport decarbonisation timelines in the world, the urgency for action can’t be understated.

The report is available in full right here and includes a host of data to use in your planning and conversations about the importance of the automotive sector.

Along with our Motor Industry Facts, free registration and production data, we speak for the sector and help the sector speak up for itself.

The sector is well and truly standing up for itself this year, with the best May performance in a decade, show new SMMT figures released today.

UK CV production grew 26.5% last month, with 7,900 new vans, buses, trucks, coaches and taxis rolling off British factory lines.

This means the CV sector has not only recorded five consecutive months of growth in 2022, but the greatest January to May output since 2012.

This is evidence of robust global – or more specifically EU – demand from fleet operators, and testament the capacity of UK manufacturers to deliver amidst significant global supply constraints and domestic economic challenges.

This is very positive news, but we cannot rest on our laurels, with automotive industry’s energy costs expected to soar, and the issue of GB Type Approval yet to be resolved.

The CV sector needs certainty and stability, particularly with unprecedented levels of investment and innovation required within an increasingly short time frame.

Tackling energy costs and inflation should therefore be a priority for government, as it is for the automotive industry, so that the UK can remain globally competitive this year and beyond.

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