Macquarie launches Fleete EV infrastructure business

08 September 2022 #Truck

Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group (GIG) has launched a new electric vehicle infrastructure business for operators of electric buses, trucks and vans.

As part of its subscription-based service, Fleete will take care of the entire installation, management, and financing of charging infrastructure, with no up-front costs.

Its high-powered DC charging equipment, delivering between 60kW and 600kW depending on individual fleet requirements, will also enable charging overnight and rapid top-ups.

The technology will potentially provide around 60 miles of range in 10 minutes.

Fleete will work with clients to deploy charging in large-scale depots where vehicles are parked overnight, while, for smaller clients, it will build hybrid charging infrastructure hubs in cities, working with anchor clients in locations like trading estates or carparks that can be used by taxis and light commercial vehicles.

The company will also look to provide Intercity chargers, supporting truck and coach fleets by building rapid chargers close to motorways.

As part of its service, Fleete will advise on layout, design, build and operation of all types of sites, as well as electric vehicle choice.

Dan Bentham, CEO of Fleete, said: “The deployment of electric fleet charging infrastructure is currently in its infancy – but demand is set to grow exponentially.

“Fleete has been created to support this large-scale transition to electric commercial vehicles.

“Through a monthly subscription with no upfront costs, we are putting clients at ease as they transition to electric vehicles.”


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