DPD to switch HGVs to renewable biofuel by end of 2023

17 November 2022 #Truck

Parcel delivery company DPD UK is to switch its 1,600-strong diesel truck fleet to Gd+ HVO, an advanced hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel.

DPD UK will begin switching its entire HGV fleet to immediately, with plans to convert 60% of its vehicles within 2022 – reducing emissions by 70,282 tonnes compared to 2021.

The remaining vehicles will switch by the end of 2023.

The plan will be carried out in conjunction with Green Biofuels, which developed Gd+ HVO, with DPD’s existing bulk fuel supplier Essar transporting the fuel directly to its on-site tanks across the UK.

Gd+ HVO is the lowest-emission diesel replacement fuel available, made from renewable feedstocks, and contains a performance additive to ensure cleanliness and optimum combustion.

In-field and controlled environment-independent tests have shown that compared to standard diesel emissions, Gd+ HVO achieves up to 80% reductions of particulates and up to 20% reductions of nitrogen oxides emissions.

Justin Pegg, Chief Operating Officer at DPD UK, said the move is a “very significant step” in the journey to decarbonising the firm’s entire fleet

“While we are well on the way to electrifying our delivery van fleet, the HGV linehaul fleet has always been a very different challenge”, he said.

“We have assessed a range of options and it is clear now that this is the most effective and practical way to make a real difference.

“While there may be different solutions in years to come, we must start this process now by making our existing vehicles significantly cleaner.”


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