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Five minutes with… Dave Rumley, Contract Hire Manager – Avonmouth, Dawsongroup truck and trailer

17 November 2022 #Features & Interviews

How can Dawsongroup help operators deal with the introduction of the new Clean Air Zone in Bristol and other, similar schemes across the UK?

If you operate older HGVs into Bristol city centre, the new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) could cost you an extra £36,500 per truck per year from 28 November. As with any inevitable change, the best business strategy is to embrace it and use it to build yourself a strong, competitive and sustainable future.

At Dawsongroup truck and trailer, we refresh and upgrade our fleet on an ongoing basis and have a continual flow of new vehicles on order and available for contract hire. We have more coming on stream in the next few months.

With 100% of our fleet of around 4,000 tractor units, rigids and dropsides already meeting the latest CAZ requirements, we have availability and can offer affordable options to keep operators clear of costly charges.

What flexibility can Dawsongroup provide operators?

The underlying requirement for any operator is for maximum flexibility in both fleet operations and financial management – the kind of benefits we provide through our rental, leasing and contract hire services.

We offer economical and flexible options that provide certainty and include many of an operator’s ongoing vehicle-related costs.

Most importantly, we provide vehicles that allow the operator to carry on normal business in CAZ areas, without any impact on capital investment.

How can operators transition smoothly to zero emission vehicles?

With the move to zero emission HGVs firmly on the agenda and the transport sector’s road to zero picking up pace year on year, our contract hire services can also ease any concerns operators might have about alternative-fuelled vehicles.

For the foreseeable future, regulations will continue to change and tighten, and technologies will continue to develop and improve.

We’re in the early stages in the journey towards lower emissions, and there’s a significant risk for operators at the lowest level of compliance – even after a very expensive retrofit, for example. The danger is that that they’ll be left behind when standards tighten further.

However, backed by our expertise and support, you can trial ‘greener’ vehicles risk-free in your own business environment, comparing key factors such as costs, operational performance and ease of refuelling, before committing to what’s right for your company.

So, we’re already doing a lot of the hard work – investing in new technology, trialling new kit and taking the associated risks – all so that the operator doesn’t have to.

Tell us about the used sales business, Dawsondirect?

Dawsondirect can also help you dispose of your non-compliant assets. With values at an all-time high, there’s no better time to do that than now, but, again, time is of the essence as the market will inevitably change sometime in the future.

And what about finance options?

With rising costs and increasing pressure due to inflation, finances are also under greater scrutiny, but, through Dawsongroup finance, we can provide options that free up much-needed cash for a business

Dave Rumley, Contract Hire Manager – Avonmouth, Dawsongroup truck and trailer

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