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Five minutes with… David Martell, CEO of EVIOS and Andersen EV

15 December 2022 #Features & Interviews

How important to EVIOS is the commercial vehicle market?

It would be remiss of any company entering the EV market not to consider the contribution of commercial vehicles to the overall rate of EV uptake. Industry stats show a growing number of commercial EV registrations month on month, and several specific product differentiators make EVIOS ideally positioned to satisfy this area of the market.

From launch, EVIOS outlined its two-product strategy: the EVIOS One home charger and the EVIOS Two workplace charger. To date, we have focused on the roll-out of the EVIOS One to households across the UK; we plan to bring the EVIOS Two to market next year. EVIOS Two is aimed at businesses, and its functionality can be extended to accommodate the charging requirements of commercial fleets of any size and vehicles with additional fleet management tools to maximise the efficiency of charging on a corporate level.

Give us some background about how EVIOS came into being?

Having worked in the automotive space for over three decades, I felt that the narrative around EV adoption needed a fresh perspective. So many decision-makers and EV experts were – and still are – fixated on charging infrastructure, but 73% of charging activity takes place at home, so I felt it was time to focus our attention there.

EVIOS came into being to address the unmet need for a home charge point that’s simple to use but has depth and breadth of functionality.

What makes the EVIOS One home charger stand out from the competition?

Simply put, our superior technology makes the EVIOS One different. For example, it is the first unit to have a large colour screen, which displays charging information using jargon-free icons. Three charge modes support changing customer needs; Pure Speed, Pure Green and Pure Value – of particular relevance during the current cost-of-living crisis.

The EVIOS One also takes account of the user’s energy tariff and vehicle-specific data to detail actual money spent and mileage added, while unique PIN-protected multi-user functionality can accommodate up to eight profiles per unit – ideal for shared-occupancy residences.

Tell us the reasoning behind the recent purchase of Andersen EV Charging?

Andersen occupies an unrivalled position at the premium end of the home charge market, and we plan to develop the brand’s premier positioning further. The unit provides a wealth of technological features to facilitate charging with minimum fuss, with solar compatibility and Alexa integration combining with the Kønnect+ app to simplify every charge. Minimalist style paired with over 90 customisation options makes the Andersen A2 charging unit ideal for those seeking a truly personal design that fits harmoniously with their home.

Earlier this year the company secured significant funding for investment. What projects are benefiting from this?

Both companies are well-funded and supported by robust supply chains. EVIOS secured £5.8 million of investment this summer, which will fund research and product development, help us launch the EVIOS Two workplace charging unit, provide working capital, and support the company’s expansion into Europe next year. Additionally, we have committed at least £1.5 million to support Andersen product development, complete updates to the brand’s Kønnect+ app, and implement an enhanced customer service offering.

We see a future where the two brands flourish independently, with EVIOS catering to the mass EV market and Andersen to premium and luxury.

David Martell, CEO of EVIOS and Andersen EV

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