Schmitz Cargobull launches new curtainsider for UK market

01 December 2022 #Trailer

Semi-trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull has launched its S.CS Freepost, a curtainsider that is specially developed for UK and Irish markets to eliminate the need for sliding posts.

Manufactured at the German firm’s Manchester production plant, the unit offers the driver free, lateral loading and unloading with a side aperture height of up to 3,200mm.

To facilitate unloading, the curtain can also be tensioned from both the front and the rear.

Additional driver safety is provided by the Schmitz Cargobull Susi-Rail, with electrical and pneumatic connections that can be moved to the edge of the trailer, to enable coupling to be achieved without climbing between the tractor and trailer.

Flexible load securing points with continuous lashing holes in the side rave and an optional 16 pairs of 4t lashing rings are also available for optimum load securing.

Load shift can be prevented by optional load securing straps, which are tensioned from the rave to the roof track.

Meanwhile, greater security against unauthorised access is provided by 1.8 metre-high anti-slash meshing integrated inside the curtains.

The curtainsider is available in various heights, from 4,200mm to 4,800mm.

Paul Avery, Managing Director of Operations at Schmitz Cargobull UK, said: “We successfully launched production at our Manchester plant in June 2021 with the production of the market specific S.BO Pace and S.CS Fixed Roof curtainsider semi-trailers.

“We are now pleased to be able to offer our customers the S.CS Freepost curtainsider semi-trailer, without the need of sliding posts, from our proven modular system.”

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